The Icelandic Fall Event and Clinic at Tamangur Icelandics
to Sep 22

The Icelandic Fall Event and Clinic at Tamangur Icelandics

Gudmar Petursson returns for another excellent clinic. Join him and a guest clinician for private lessons, a weekend-long clinic, and a schooling show at Tamangur Icelandics in Colorado. Past guest clinicians include Barbara Frische, Linda Petursdottir, and Arnar Bjarki Sigurðarson.

Email for registration and more information.

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to Aug 11

Transitioning from Riding to Training the Icelandic Horse Part I of II - Clinic with Calei Cavanagh


• Learn the fundamental concepts of horse training, physical & mental.

• Lectures & exercises will focus on exercises fundamental to a horse

trainer’s tool kit: seat lessons, basic dressage exercises, transition

training, tolt and canter training, cavaletti & jumping use in training.

• Instruction in creating a training plan for both horse & rider.

• Encouragement to think independently & critically about training


Participant Fee: $400

Limited spots-reservations required. Complete and return form, including $200 non-refundable deposit.

$150 meal plan includes: breakfast, catered lunch & dinner.

Accommodations: large indoor & outdoor arena, stalls available at no charge, LQ Trailers welcome, hotels 20 minutes from Gyetorp II, farm is one-hour drive from Fort Collins, Colorado.

Contact: Kristina Behringer

Tel: 307-757-7915


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KIHC 2019 Mountain Icelandic Rendezvous
to Jul 28

KIHC 2019 Mountain Icelandic Rendezvous

It’s the annual Klettafjalla Event! Join us in Fairplay for a weekend of riding, parades, and an Icelandic drill / demo team. This year’s event coincides with Fairplay’s Burro Days so it’s sure to be a great time for everyone. Space is limited! Registration info to come….

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Strokkur at Tamangur
to Sep 30

Strokkur at Tamangur

Strokkur frá Syðri-Gegnishólum is coming back to Colorado in September 2018!! Exact dates TBD. Contact below for more information. 

Strokkur has 8.56 for ridden abilities including 9 for pace and 9 for Spirit and his BLUP is an incredible 121! Strokkur has 5 incredibly strong gaits and a perfect disposition and his bloodlines are nothing short of royalty. His sire is the legendary Orri frá Þúfu í Landeyjum and his mother is "the Queen Mother" Grýla frá Stangarholti whose daughter Álfadís frá Selfossi is one of the best Icelandic breeding mares in the world!

Phone 719- 209 23 12

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Lough Arrow Icelandics Camping, BBQ & Trail Riding
to Sep 2

Lough Arrow Icelandics Camping, BBQ & Trail Riding

  • Lough Arrow Icelandics (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

We will have out ranch BBQ and Spanish Peaks Ride with an opportunity to have individual lessons on your horse given by our Trainer Pauline and Sophia will be here also.

Anybody wanting to attend will need to contact Andrea Brodie 719-680-2845  re accommodation and lessons.

Camping is possible on the ranch as is place for the horses.  For those who do not want to camp there are apartments available that sleep 3 each or less at the pub down the road (1/4 mile) for 70$/night per apartment, however they need to be booked now before the hunters come. Lessons will be $40 per 30 minutes solo.  

Friday arrival, drink at the pub or sit outside and chat at the ranch.

Saturday  Drive to  Apishapa trail head or Cordova Pass  and embark on a lovely cool forest trail and over meadows to the  tree line of the West Spanish Peak. There is a corral there to park the horses. Those who want to can climb to the top of the Peak for  a breathtaking view off almost 14000ft above sea level.
Saturday evening is ranch BBQ. BYOB.

Sunday is the day for those who want lessons and hang out or go home.
Price for Friday/Sat/Sun including auditing of lessons, food, soft drinks, camping, pasture for horse is $95. Lessons are extra and if you want to stay at an apartment, that is extra as well (to be paid to the Spanish Peaks Inn).

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