Kristina Behringer, Cheyenne, WY

I live west of  Cheyenne, Wyoming with my family and herd of Icelandic Horses. I love this club and our members because we share a passion for this amazing horse breed and our get-togethers feel more like reunions. I enjoy all aspects of our Icelandic horse world, but focus on education-lessons & clinics, trail riding and will start riding competitively in the very near future. Hope to ride with you soon!



Linda McLaughlin


Linda has years of experience with Icelandic horses and with Klettafjalla. She has served on the board as President in the past. She has been a long time supporter of KIHC and has tremendous experience in the Icelandic horse world. 



Iris Heidberg, Boulder, CO

 I have always loved the Icelandic Horse.  Even though I was born and raised in Iceland, I did not grow up with riding horses.  I would spend time at the local stable to smell and hug every horse, and watching them in the pasture.  I always dreamed of owning an Icelandic Horse.  In 2016 I found my dream horse, Vina from Curtis.  She has taught me so much and we have a lot of fun together!




Kristina Stelter


I live in Salt Lake City and am a professional archaeologist. I study the origins of the Icelandic Horse, and it’s importance in society throughout history. This group gives me practical experience and a way to spread horse knowledge! I love horses, and hope to meet you and your Icelandics soon!



Jenny Feldner


I started riding as a kid in Germany and fell in love with the Icelandic horses through books as a teenager. I didn't ride Icelandics growing up, as there weren't any in our area, that I was aware of. I rode my first one in 2010, visting my cousin in Germany. 2011 I found Coralie and started taking lessons with her. In 2012 I was able to buy my first one thanks to Andrea Brodie. Now we are proud owners of a small herd of 6, with my husband and son riding as well.


Pam Spooner


I came across Icelandic horses purely by accident when I started working at Tamangur Icelandics as barn help. I have been riding this amazing breed for almost four years, and own two lovely mares; Kvika and Sola. I have so enjoyed getting to know a number of horses at Tamangur, and am repeatedly charmed by their intelligence, loyalty, curiosity, and spirit. I love the supportive Icelandic community, and enjoy competing, learning, and trail riding beside you. Here's to a great 2018!



Coralie Denmeade



Ulla Hudson

Ulla's qualifications include the German Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals ( Deutsches Reitabzeichen Klasse I,II, III ) and the USDF Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals.  Her focus is dressage and Icelandic horses. She has many years experience as an instructor, horse trainer and breeder. 


Mary Dennison


 I got my first Icelandic horse in 1985. I fell in love with the small horse with the bold personality and of course the smooth gait! I was living in Bailey at the time and Icelandics are the perfect mountain trail horse. My horses and I have in the past done some camping, clinics and a few fun shows. I now live in Laporte, CO where I continue to enjoy my Icelandics.

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