Youth Opportunities

American Youth Cup

The American Youth Cup occurs every second year and lasts for approximately a week.  This event is both educational and competitive but, most of all, establishes friendships among young Icelandic equestrians across the nation.  Participants aged 12 – 17 years old are divided into teams and are assigned horses selected for them through a semi-random process. The week starts out with coaching by some of the United States’ most qualified and successful riders and trainers.  Riders will participate in a variety of team activities and go on a group field trip. On the last two days there will be a sanctioned show in which participants will compete in a variety of FIPO classes, including tolt, four and five-gait classes, cross-country trail competition, and dressage.  Individuals and teams will be awarded for high scores, team spirit, sportsmanship, and horsemanship.

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FEIF Youth Cup

The FEIF Youth Cup is an international Icelandic horse competition held in a different European country in July of even-numbered summers. The United States is allowed to send three riders. Teams of six teen-age riders from different FEIF countries are made up the first day of the Cup. Renowned Icelandic horse trainers train the riders the first three days. The competition among the international teams is held the last two days. Ages for the competition are 14-17 (you must be turning 14 by December 31st of said year, and you must not be turning 18 by December 31st of said year). Applicants must be a member of the USIHC. He/she must fill out an application, ask his/her riding instructor for an evaluation, and send a video showing a 4-gait or 5-gait program, and a tolt program. The videos are judged by a FEIF judge. Programs scoring over 4.5 are eligible for the Youth Cup team. The applications are evaluated by an independent panel to break any ties in the video scores.


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Spaeri Award

Spaeri is the Icelandic name of the Icelandic endurance horse known as Remington, famous for his determination, passion and indomitable will. This award is intended to inspire and encourage these same qualities in our youth when spending time with Icelandic Horses. 

The Spaeri Award will be given annually to a youth who clearly demonstrates commitment to and love for Icelandic horses. The recipient of the award will be chosen from USIHC youth who submit articles demonstrating these sought after qualities for publication in the Quarterly during the calendar year. Articles will be reviewed at the end of the calendar year, and the Quarterly staff and Youth Committee will select one winner who will receive the award, along with $50.

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Klettafjalla IHC Annual Youth Grant

An annual grant awarded to a KIHC youth member, based upon an essay submission and voted on by the board. 

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