Fill out the membership form and become a member.  Complete your membership application and click on the type of membership you are choosing.  Send in the membership form to Iris Heidberg either by mail or you can scan the form and email it to, or mail to 5361 Lookout Ridge Drive, Boulder, CO, 80301.

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Club membership:

 There are four (4) classes of membership: Individual, Family, Associate and Professional Membership. Individual members and Family members are eligible to be full voting members of this association and to be members of the Board of Directors. Members of KIHC who join more than one Chapter can be a full voting member in only one Chapter. Members of more than one Chapter must indicate on their membership form the Chapter in which they will be voting. Associate membership (non-voting) is open to members voting in another Chapter. Professional Membership is for trainers, breeders and farms, specifically Icelandic Horse professionals relying on their experience in the aforementioned areas, for income purposes.

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Your donation supports youth scholarships, KIHC clinic financial support, club maintenance fees, promotional events support and more. 

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